Be Ware … Russian Wrath

Some international forces are still trying to test the seriousness & readiness of Russia.

Obviously, still there are sides are far away from understanding the «change» not that «change» which former US president Obama used to talk about.

The Attempt of drones attack on the Khmeimim & Tartus Naval base shows once again the foolishness of those forces supporting terrorists in Syria, who use them to deliver a message to Russia.

But it seems that this force is still determined to live a state of denial & isolation from reality, unaware of the magnitude of the force it challenges when it tries every time to target Russia with such vulgar methods & desperately trying to change the reality that is now a real fact that war and the future of the world is no longer in the hand of The United States.

The United States is no longer free to do anything it wants.

Today's conversation begins when the Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador in Ankara to protest against the Syrian army's failure to obey the De-escalation agreement & to stop military action that started in the northern Hama countryside & southern Aleppo, but more specifically Idlib.

The response of the Russian ambassador in Ankara came as a lightning bolt.
He replied that Moscow would send a file from the Russian army command to the Turkish army command within 48 hours of the drones flying over Khmeimim & Tartus Naval base.

The Russian intelligence sent satellite images, pictures of five aircraft that forced it to land & pictures of eight other drones were shot down & the place that was launched from a village near the base of Abu Dahour military airport in the countryside of Idlib, & that Saudi Arabia handed over terrorist groups 13 drones, Which is equipped with missiles & intended to attack the Russian air base in Khmeimim & Tartus Naval base & that these drones crossed Turkish territory & were delivered through the Turkish army to terrorist organizations.

The report of the Russian military command was that, according to the orders issued by the Russian president, the supreme commander of the Russian armed forcesm based on the following:

Since 15 years now & the Russian Federation is not in a cold war with the United States or any other country, whether Saudi Arabia, Turkey or any other country.

Russia intervened in Georgia in 2008 to stop Western expansion and threaten Russian interests was a serious message sent by Russia to the world to make it clear that the time of individual control over the international resolution by a particular state is over.

Before that, the elimination of terrorist presence in the Caucasus, as in Chechnya, was also a message to all those who support terrorist movements.
It is time to change these deviant ways to find a foothold for some countries that dream of playing bigger roles by exporting distorted ideas hid behind degenerated religious ideologies which has nothing to do with the faith itself, just aimed to destroy civilization from within & impose backward thinking patterns on the societies.

15 years now & Russia’s patience gradually fade away.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 & the United States has been unique in imposing its conditions & the implementation of its own policies on the world according to their interests.

But all this is over now, Russia's message in Ukraine, step against a group of Western-backed mafia gangs that took over the government in Kiev.

Ukraine today is not a united country under gangs rules.

Russia has recovered one third of Ukraine's territory & working to abolish & oust the hired mafia.

President Putin has ordered the Russian army to annex the Crimea, the most important strategic location on the Black Sea & prevent the Turkish Navy military from approaching 150 kilometers from Crimea, since the Turkish navy is representing NATO to reach the shores of Crimean peninsula.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, The Russian U-22 strategic aircraft, as well as the mysterious Russian aircraft, the Sukhoi-42, which are not picked up by radar screens seven times exceeds sound barrier & faster than the world's most modern aircraft ever been made by any, have the ability to block US aircraft or any aircraft in the universe from approaching to a distance of 250 kilometers from the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia in addition to three Russian naval bases of the Russian fleet on the Black Sea & the bosphorus towards the corridor & the Mediterranean Sea base.

Despite US & European sanctions against Russia, Russia has not changed a single letter of military orders given by Russian President Putin & complied with international pressure to discourage Russian leadership from rebalancing the deviant world under US hegemony.

Russia's message to the United States, Europe & even the whole world was the decision of the Russian President to send Russian troops of 132 Russian warplanes with a naval fleet & submarines to Syria, which has literally beaten terrorism in Syria, by using hundreds of thousands of different types of weapons, plus supported the Syrian army in order to control the remaining territory, which still under terrorist groups control, which culminated in the restoration of the city of Deir al-Zour and the entire western coast of the Euphrates to the Iraqi-Syrian border and large parts of the Syrian desert, with seemingly annihilated ISIS, that now is bunch of hundreds here & there.

Simply, map doesn’t lie.

The world should have realized that Russia was capable of ending everything in Syria in two-mont, through massive land, air & naval strikes with a ground force sweeping all Syria.

But its decision to support the state to impose its control over its territory was a wise decision even if it had a price of Money, Time & Souls.

Today there is a reality in the world:

The presence of Russian military bases in Syria, a naval base in Tartus that can accommodate 32 destroyers, submarines & aircraft carriers, as well as large areas of land that can accommodate 50 thousand soldiers serving & guarding.

The Naval forces in Tartus are carrying out protection & defense duties for the Khmeimim base in Lattakia.

Russia will also establish a third air base near Damascus International Airport, 42 kilometers away.

President Putin's response was a shock to the Turkish military leadership that Russia would begin deploying intercontinental ballistic missiles & ballistic missiles with a range of 4,000 kilometers that could hit targets from 100 to 4000 kilometers in response to Turkey allowing the United States to establish a missile shield on its territory.

Russian missiles on the entire Syrian territory, Russian intelligence is completing its information & checking how to send 13 drones to bomb Khmeimim base & Tartus Naval base.

Mark this, Russia will respond on whoever carried out this operation.
After request of the Russian military leadership to receive a clarification from the Turkish army on the drones incident, and how it arrived & who sent them.

It also asked for clarifications from Saudi Arabia about sending these drones through Turkey to the terrorists.

If the Russian military leadership did not obtain, specifically from & how these drones that bombed the Russian bases were sent, the Russian army, to approach the Turkish-Syrian border with readiness to strike if it does, the Russian military will take military action starting with hitting every air target over Syria, even over Turkish territory.

The Russian Navy will also intercept the Saudi naval vessels & may take some of them to Crimea or Tartus base & if it refuses, Russia will strike.

The message of President Putin is that the Cold War with the United States is over, the United States in the past 15 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, launched wars outside the Security Council resolutions; they have the arrogance to intervene in Somalia, the Balkans & occupied Afghanistan.

The United States took over a systematic destruction of Iraq, in addition to the deployment of missile shield in the Eastern European countries.

The Russian army, which Moscow is supporting absolutely to end the war in Syria & end the terrorist groups without returning to the Security Council even if it led to US.-Russian confrontation.

The Times quoted President Putin as saying that Russia supplied North Korea with nuclear bombs & intercontinental ballistic missiles reaching US territory & that the People's Republic of China did not agree to possess nuclear & intercontinental ballistic missiles.

A response to the establishment of the US missile shield in the world to launch a nuclear power with intercontinental missile power that is North Korea « Forcibly» over the United States, with preventing the IAEA from approaching North Korea & control its nuclear reactors & missiles.

Simple as this Russia manufactured it in North Korea.

The attack on Russian bases in Syria will not go unpunished & those who finance terrorism in Syria must lift the cover entirely of terrorism & support terrorism.

Otherwise, President Putin's can’t promise to ensure the safety of Saudi territory against any Iranian offensive or hostile action anymore.

Saudi Arabia & others should realize that continuing this policy will have dire consequences, because Russian intelligence has information that Turkey, Saudi Arabia & Qatar have supplied the terrorists with money & weapons for years & that President Putin may cancel the Sochi conference & go fully to military force to resolve the war in Syria.

Syria is now strategically and militarily allied with Russia.

The Russian bases in Syria are part of the Russian federation soil, the Syrian Arab Republic is an ally.

The Russian presence in Syria is a permanent presence & the Russian military command has informed Turkey to inform Saudi Arabia, that Iran would need 6 years to produce ballistic missiles with a range of 2,000 km.

However, Russia trained & sent engineers, technicians & experts to provide full experience to Iran to produce ballistic missiles within a year, and this is what happened.

The world must realize that the Russian military leadership will deal with international crises on the basis of the fall of the Cold War with the United States & that the new policy may be «fire on fire» after the imposition of the conditions of Russia after the Georgia War and the annexation of one third of Ukraine and regain Crimea, army presence in Syria, with soldiers & 132 aircraft with Russian fleet & submarines, the war is no longer cold, but there is a direct war & that Russia if Saudi Arabia did not provide clear explanations about the drone issue, in addition to determining the role of Turkey, Russia will act militarily & may work to lift the siege on Yemen By force, without pilgrim to the Iranian Navy or any other navy.

If Saudi Arabia is proven to be involved in sending the drones, the Russian military navy will take control of the main port of Hodeidah in Yemen.

It has also predicted with the Huthis the establishment of a Russian military base as well as an air force base in the Houthi areas & the provision of the latest Russian aircraft.

Why not, France also has an air base in Abu Dhabi & Djibouti Just as Israel has an airbase in Eritrea & the United States, Britain & Turkey have military bases in Qatar.

As long as Russia does not have a naval or air base on the Red Sea, President Putin may be heading to the Gulf as well.

An unexpected Russian position will appear.

The second answer is the recognition & apology, secondly, the severing of all relations between the Gulf states & Turkey with terrorist organizations.

They themselves sent & financed thousands of terrorists in Syria.
After Russia intervened in the Syrian war, everyone realized the size of Russian power.

I’m personally counting on Turkey’s wisdom to take part with Russia to bring back the balance.

Seriously the world is not the same again.

So… Beware Russian Wrath.


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