Special services of the United States and Saudi Arabia won’t let the fire in Syria extinguished

A number of Syrian groups, mainly from Washington-sponsored «opposition», announced boycotting the Syrian national dialogue held in the Russian Sochi.

On January 29-30, the Syrian National Dialogue will take place in Sochi, in which more than 1,500 representatives of various sections of the Syrian society, including the Syrian opposition, as well as United Nations observers are expected to attend.

As expected, the participants will discuss the draft of the new Syrian constitution, holding democratic elections under the auspices of the UN, as well as restoration a kind of post-war Syria.

It’s worth noting that Washington immediately disapproved of this initiative of the newly-formed bloc of guarantor countries of the ceasefire in Syria (Russia, Iran and Turkey), voiced at the December meeting in the capital of Kazakhstan.

According to American experts, the new format of the dialogue, which will take place on Russian territory, so to speak, under the Kremlin's «invisible eye», can damage the national interests of the United States.

In the event of a possibility that in Sochi it might be possible to reach an agreements on at least key issues of the Syrian confrontation, and for this there are all the prerequisites, authority and influence of the United States in the region will be finally undermined.

Washington began to address the problem, already traditionally, in two directions, discrediting the idea of holding the Sochi conference based on UN platform and directly through controlled points of influence in Syria itself.

Given rather modest time reserve — 1 month, the results of the work of American emissaries can be called impressive.

On the eve of the Syrian opposition announced a boycott of the summit in Sochi.

«The negotiating body of the revolutionary forces and opposition of Syria declare boycotting the conferance of the National Dialogue convened by Russia», the message of the so-called «High Committee on Syrian Opposition Talks» on Twitter.

This information was officially confirmed by the representative of the Committee, Firas Al-Khaldi, referring to the vote held on January 26 in Vienna.

Despite the existing disagreements, the boycott was supported by about 40 opposing groups of the Free Syrian Army, as well as the detachments of Jays Al-Islam, Ahrar Al- Sham, Nur Eddine Al-Zinki, Eastern Lions Army, Ahmad Al-Abdo group ".

No one particularly hides that all this «moderate opposition», which still has not abandoned the idea of armed struggle for power in Syria, is under the influence of the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Somewhat earlier, the leaders of Syrian Kurds, inspired by Washington's timely plans to create «security forces of the Syrian border», that is, in fact, the new Kurdish army, expressed their unwillingness to participate in the dialogue in Sochi.

The UN still doesn’t give up its positions, although here there have been quite definite changes in political rhetoric.

As late as December, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for Syria Staffan de Mistura supported the idea of holding the summit in Sochi, stating that the summit would contribute to the settlement of the situation in Syria in Geneva format.

After only a month, de Mistura was no longer so categorical in his judgments.

At a press conference held in the evening of January 26 in Vienna, he said that the decision on the participation of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in the upcoming forum… is still pending.

Will Washington be able to convince Guterres that Sochi is a «direct alternative» to the UN's efforts, and the lack of any meaningful results of the eight Geneva meetings on Syria can damage the reputation of the international organization itself?

Time will tell.

It's left quite a bit…

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