Three Generations of North Korea ... a fair division between US & Russia/China

Just how we read & learn from history:

Grandfather, tough: found & build

Father, steady & firm: strength it & make it known

Son, play tough at first & then compromises: become a witness of the demise

Kim Il-sung built, Kim Jong-il made it known, Kim Jong-un … will give up everything & shack hands with Trump!!!

North Korea, with its three generations leaders, Kim Il-sung who founded North Korea launch an invasion against the south which forced the United States & NATO to intervene to repel the north attack & continuing the war against communism at the 50’s post the 2nd world war.

This Korean War not only provoked the western World with its all capabilities, with fact of the existence of areas in the same region of the north East Asia such as Taiwan & Vietnam, each one has its own story.

The Korean War provoked both at that time Soviet Union & China to intervene in order to stop the western presence in the region with also fact that Soviet Union & China supported & backed up North Korea, especially after the direction of the Korean War turned against the North, When famous US, General Douglas MacArthur take the initiative to launch a counter attack with plan to invade the North & even take it & eliminate the Communist regime & take land border with China, with plans of if they had too the US was willing to use a nuclear bomb such as the case of Japan.

China intervenes with also a back support of the Soviet Union & joins the north to fight the US & NATO forces.

The war reaches a level after the second year passed both sides reach a conclusion of this war is going nowhere, so they reach an agreement, set the borders between the North & the south & just continuing this long soap opera conflict between the East & the West, Evil & Good (No mater which side is which), a war between communist socialist world & the capitalist «Free World».

The story of this war was on the top for years.

Kim Il-sung, started to establish North Korea as it is, with its propaganda, economic, political & Foreign affairs, closed the borders & the doors lay the Iron Curtain & start building an army & plans to have strategic weapons.

The founder leader dies on July 8th, 1994 & his son Kim Jong-il succeeded him & continued the same way & tried to have balanced stand & continue ballistic missiles & nuclear program & it officially North Korea becomes the member of the so called «Axis of Evil».

With fact that, no one can be sure about what is exactly going on inside the north, with few info, videos, reports went out talking about North Korea's people & the life there, the Economy, everything.

Some people from the North did actually managed to escape from the North & went to tell about many things & stories, that & to be honest you can’t be sure that are facts in its all, since we all hear about them from Western Media, with psychological readiness of crowd around the world to believe everything the Media says about North Korea, such as the situation in many areas in the world.

As long as your country & your government is an enemies to the West, the western Media will tell stories about you & the public will believe everything.

South Korea on the other hand, despite being under the US wing, but no one in the world can deny how far this country went in all levels.

Can you walk on the street in any country around the world, what are chances of NOT seeing SAMSUNG, LG, KIA, Hyundai, Hankook & the list goes on & on ….

China as super communist country also understood the situation & had its own plan to become powerful in both world & they did succeed no doubt & kept the communist regime in power with huge capitalist fundamentals.

The Chinese products & brands invaded the world & China today is an economical & productive superpower with its communism still in power & has a large number of millionaires & even billionaires … Rest in peace Oh Mao!!!

The Soviet Union however faced the disaster, it crumbled spread in pieces, economy on the ground, corruption reaches an unbelievable levels.

Russia as The Russian Federation inherited the fallen USSR, with weak government, weak economy, Army going nowhere with some of its officers are selling its arsenal in the black Market, weak & confounded President.

Russia as a state went to hell & returned, until Putin came to power to bring it back on its feet, with still there are a lot of work that must be done.

Russia should lead even in economy such as China & South Korea.

The readers, will saying now you went far from the article topic?
As a matter of fact, no I ‘didn’t…

The reason behind this history lesson, is to remind in brief & put in front of all readers & the people who’re interested in the Korean issue some facts from the fate of all who where in the shoe of this third generation young man Kim Jong-un, who is on the verge of making a dramatic moves, that would change North Korea & the fate of its people & perhaps his own leadership.

Kim Jong-un, who started his reign, somehow similar to his father & grandfather, tried to play tough & even went to execute his uncle & some of his senior army officers in a unique ways, by hit him with Mortar shell & some other methods (according to some Western Media sources).

Kim Jong-un, did also makes the world on the edge of their seats, in multiple Several occasions, with testing weapons, launching ballistic missiles & spreading some news & reports regarding the north Korean nuclear program.

However in some levels he must acknowledge the fact of the economical situation & how far you can go with your ballistic & nuclear programs, that both require a lot of funding with reality of a simple question… where are the income sources of North Korea that can cover up all these dues.

There is no secret that North Korean situation, its ballistic & nuclear programs has started to be annoy North Korea’s own allies, more to be precise China.

China wants to control somehow North Korea with fact that China took responsibilities of financially & logistically supporting North Korea & taking the advantage of having land borders which is the same location that many North Koreans used to escape.

There is no secret that Nuclear capabilities ownership especially for military purposes is a monopoly on the hands of superpowers, such as the US, Russia, UK, France & China …. Wait I just forgot about another state … ISRAEL.

People will say, you forgot Pakistan & India?!?

Again no, I didn’t.

As for Pakistan which is under the supervision of both the US & China.

India is also under the supervision of the US, Britain (The colonial & former occupier of India, which created all, the foundations for the separation of India & the establishment of Pakistan & Bangladesh, behind the problem of Kashmir, which put India & Pakistan in front of each other & the two countries did build a nuclear arsenal in order to deter each other), also there is in some way an influence form Russia towards India.

The very commonly known that in the region each Russia & China is stand next of one of the both countries, China-Pakistan / Russia-India.

So in conclusion there is a balance in the world in regards of Possession of nuclear arsenal.

Only there is two countries are trying to enter to the circle, however the both countries are not that easily being led as for example the case of India & Pakistan.

Because even if things go crazy, India & Pakistan will use their nuclear weapons against each other, even though both countries are under supervision of the superpowers, so things will not go crazy.

But… How about North Korea & Iran???

Well, this is the dilemma.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has told his South Korean counterpart that he doesn’t want to become «another Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi» & that he has made his final decision to halt nuclear & ballistic missiles tests to prove it, according to the South Korean presidency.

Kim Jong-un announced that he would close a nuclear test site & stop all nuclear & ballistic missiles tests, according to official media in North Korea, with a preparation are ongoing for summit between Kim & US President Donald Trump, which is expected in a few weeks amid hopes for a formula for peace at the Korean peninsula & better relations between Washington & Pyongyang.

As for the fear of Kim Jong-un of his willing to not facing the fate of Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi, I can’t confirm that he might not face it, even if he let Pepsi, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Snickers to Enter North Korea & even if he handed over all his nuclear & ballistic arsenal to the west same as what the both Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi in some way did.

North Korea & once it widely opens it iron curtains will face a gigantic capitalist & products invasion which will dazzle the eyes & minds of its people.

That’s why, I mentioned above the examples of South Korea, China & Russia’s experience in facing the same what will North Korea will face right after Donald Trump shack hands with Kim Jong-un, so in order for him to learn from others experience & to be sure about what he’ll do to reach for happy ending story.

I’m not against solving the issue, even the unification of Korea, it’s a must be thing, perhaps it’s the best scenario perhaps Korea will have the same experience of Germany's unification.

I’m honestly wishing the peace in everywhere in world, especially in the Middle East more specific in Syria.

If the nuclear case of North Korea got solved by the US with a support from all Supper powers including China & Russia & also it will be a huge score for Donald Trump & put his name in the history among US presidents.

In final… Iran' case, is the problem now & solving the issue must be done by Russia to make it even & this issue is crucial to bring peace to the Middle East.

If you’re a real political «Ghuro» & well familiar with the international political games & global balance, you should realize the links between North Korea, Iran, Syria Russia, China, the US & even Israel.

The Korean War that is lasted for about three years (1950-1953) ended with about four million dead, I think it’s enough.

If you solve some of these puzzles, the other will be solved as well, as fair division between Russia/China & the United States.


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