Trump brought the Head of CIA to lead US Diplomacy!!! Where to ???

Years now and the US diplomacy is being run by some shiny figures from various backgrounds, with sometimes military or political and some even far from the field.

Since US President Donald Trump came to the White house, with about fourteen months in office fill with events and sure is, we can describe this fourteen months of Trump’s reign as an interesting time, there are four secretary of state have been appointed.

Lest than half of his first term as president.

Is it going to be a second term?

Tom Shannon was acting secretary of state from January 20th till February 1st in Trumps first 10 days sure is it’s a routine state within a transitional phase between Obama’s and Trump’s administration.

Rex Tillerson, the former chief executive officer of ExxonMobil was the choice of trump, to serve as the secretary of state from February 1st till March 31, 2018.

His time in office was filled with action in all levels, from the ongoing situation in the Middle East, in particular Syria, to the historic decision to transfer the US embassy in sreal to Jerusalem, the strike against Syria in 2017 after the alleged chemical attack that the Syrian government was being accused by in the province of idlib.

US relations with EU countries and NATO member Turkey, the nuclear deal with Iran, through the relationship with Russia and China.

And finally to name a few the gulf crisis between Saudi Arabia, the UAE with Qatar, which the US position of it was one of the reasons behind trump replacing Tillerson, with some speculations are surrounding the differences in various positions between Tillerson and Trump in general and also the existence of speculation about the reasons for Trump's desire to camouflage maybe to remove the accusations of Russian intervention in the US presidential election in his favor by removing some of his cabinet staff who are friendly towards Russia and certainly to some level Tillerson was one of them in some sort of ways.

Seeing after just fourteen months in the white house, how many Trump original cabinet & white house staff are left still in office?

Just few left, if the answer to the question is none or is going to be none from now till his term reaches its half by the end of this year.

Moving on as the routine state within a transitional phase, John J. Sullivan was the acting secretary of state as of April 1, 2018 (April fools day) till April 24th, when the Mike Pompeo the former CIA director was appointed as the new secretary of state after getting the approval from the house of the senate.

He started his term with three big files as a priority apparently:

One: Iran, and Two: North Korea settlement, Three: the gulf crisis which is also related somehow to the Syrian crisis.

Pompeo’s first business trip, if we might describe them, a «secret» visit to Pyongyang and met with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un.

The visit to meet the north Korean leader to prepare for the summit that will be taking place between the North Korean leader and US president Donald Trump in what is being likely in a road to reach out for final settlement to the Korean crisis which will be without a doubt if it worked as it planed or seems to be the biggest achievement of Donald Trump in Office as US president for a case that was open from more than half of century.

And with that being said no matter if we liked Trump or not we must admit that he might achieve a great accomplishment by reaching out a solving North Korea’s issue which is a serious threat as for the North Korean nuclear program.
Pompeo also headed last week to some states in the middle east in regards issues related to the Gulf crisis, Iran and the Syrian issue.

The CIA director Mike Pompeo, got a Senate vote to approve his nomination, and is expected to constitute the presence of Pompeo at the head of US diplomacy, a factor in further tightening and steady the US handling of files in the Middle East and other areas.

Nearly one and a half months after his voting session, after winning one vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where 11 Republicans voted against 10 Democrats who did not vote, the Senate approved a majority of 57 to 42 votes for the appointment of Pompeo as US Secretary of State, replacing Rex Tillerson.

The vote It really happened to be so was similar to that of his predecessor Tillerson 56 to 43 votes with only one vote less in favor, is an evidence of the weak support, and it might be similar in numbers as an early indicator of the similarity fate perhaps of his predecessor Rex Tillerson.

In the United States, the secretary of state has the approval of a budget, if not a bipartisan consensus.

The modest approval of Pompeo's appointment reflects not only the opposition to his choice in the Senate, but also international affairs.

He is coming from the CIA world and new to Diplomatic field, and also just like his predecessor Tillerson, with the difference in their background.

Plus, and this is a major difference between Pompeo and Tillerson, which is the obedience.

With business background & being the top level CEO of one of the biggest energy companies in the world.

Rex Tillerson had his own margin, with based to his job he has his personal stands and public relations in the world leaders and authority figures.

Being secretary of state, puts him is some awkward stands that some time will force him to say or act differently from his stands and ideas, with huge differences in opinions towards many cases between him and Trump.

As secretary of state, you must obey and take the same directions that the president wants, in Tillerson’s case he was taking things by his own despite Trumps opinion which is as mentioned the major reason behind replacing him.

Pompeo on the other hand, a CIA guy, a person follows orders and he has same Trumps directions, therefore he’s the best man for the job despite being away from diplomacy background.

After entering politics in 2011, Pompeo as a congressman, confined to the field, and served in the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives until January 2017.

He then went to the CIA until March 13 when Trump chose him to succeed Tillerson.

Pompeo, the Tea Party member, which surpassed the Republican Party and dragged a section of his base, is known for his hard-line positions.

He has long been a hawk in this bloc, especially in his view of the Middle East issues.

A potential terrorist, as he once said: «The best solution to negotiating with Iran is to bomb it».

Many American politicians have expressed skepticism that the man «remained» for Trump and no hope of playing the role of a brake on Trump's policies, as the case of Tillerson to some extent, although the latter, contributed significantly to the dwindling role and diplomatic presence of the State Department and had no role in the international scene, shows the failure of Trump's options for his administration or at least the lack of experience or the uncertainty of directions.

It seems that Pompeo played a role in heating the flames on the Iranian file, which was already in some was on fire, during the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Washington, which was closer to the campaign to dispel, Trump from the decision to abandon the nuclear agreement with Tehran, the beginning of the era of Pompeo surrounded by many signs the question, in terms of the role he intends to play in an unclear US administration real directions and intentions that has not yet been known yet since the beginning of Trump’s era in the White house.

A stability of the direction to the United States foreign policy which is still not being known where to its going.

Perhaps still likely will never being known, however by having John Bolton as national security adviser, Mike Pompeo as secretary of state without forgetting mentioning James «MAD DOG» Mattis as secretary of defense, things seemingly not going to be Convenient for many in the world.

This form of cabinet remind us somehow, to the W guy cabinet back then.


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