The IDF's facts and reality of today

The Israeli «IDF»army has been able to develop its tools and its military and technological structure in the past few decades.

It has succeeded in create an intelligent propaganda for itself enabling to appeal the West and Israeli settlers, adding to it the huge lest of infamous army officers since the declaration of Israel, who committed everything that came to mind in order to kill Arabs and Palestinians, which been adored by the Israeli people, because these «Fine Heroes of Israel» kept away the danger of the Arab «bullying» which they portrayed to frighten them and force them to join the Israeli leadership ideologically.

Today however, things don’t look like that.

So, what changed to the Israeli army that deviated from everything that was done for the past seven decades?!

In fact, there are a number of developments on the ground, politically and domestically, which combined to weaken the structure of the Israeli army from the inside and is currently working to absorb this weakness and try to regain what called a momentum, and the trend to find political victories because what is happening in the structure of the Israeli army is catastrophic and if not treated we will see the collapse of this army in any future war by Israel or against Israel, which explains the escape of the Israelis from igniting a new war directly in the region.

The main Israeli newspapers published several reports on the reasons for the weakness of the Israeli army.

Perhaps the most serious danger facing the Israeli army is the weakness of the domestic front, both military and civilian, in light of the growing strength of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance and gaining greater experience in the field of war.

The inability to prevent them from reaching sensitive points of the Israeli army and what happened recently on the front of the occupied Syrian Golan heights suggests a lot, and gives clear messages that Israel today is weaker than ever before, and the following set of points may explain the reasons for this:

First, there are a number of crises in the inside structure of the Israeli army, including the rebellion: lack of discipline, commitment and dedication to serve the Israeli army, one of the most important elements of the Israeli soldier, which is no longer the same today.

Ten days ago the newspaper of «Yedioth Ahronoth» published The army decided to dismiss 10 soldiers from the special unit because they refused to sign an extension of their service in the army for one more year.

This prompted the army to warn his leadership of the outbreak of the insurgency and especially that it reached the special unit which is the most important unite to Army leaders.

Second, the Israeli soldier no longer has confidence in the Israeli leadership's ability to deter any possible attacks.

This confidence began to shake after the July 2006 war in Lebanon, which was a severe blow to the Israeli army and caused an earthquake among its soldiers.

The flight of Israeli soldiers from military service, and their involvement in work within the private sector, or migration from Israel to work with international companies, where the rate of dropout from the army reached 27% during the past year.

According to Israeli press reports, the rate of leakage rises among soldiers and officers working in military technology units, especially the units 8200 and Cyber, as the soldiers gets high training and gaining experience with these units, and later leave and go to work in private civil companies inside and even out of Israel.

Third, one of the most important points of weakness of the Israeli army is that the entity of the State of Israel that supposed to be defended doesn’t have a strategic depth, and with supposed enemies of Israel did actually own a precision missiles, do you imagine what will happen in the Israeli home front when the war begins.

The Israeli newspaper «Maariv» has recently revealed that it has been Only 10% of 150 high-risk infrastructure facilities are protected if war breaks out on the northern and southern fronts.

In addition, the largest width in the middle of Israel is estimated 17 km, and 7 km in the north, and the width in the south is 10 km, so, therefore there is no choice for the home front in Israel is any military pressure scenarios but to escape completely where there is no (Strategic depth) or a safe place, especially after the multiplicity of fronts and the development of capabilities and military capabilities possessed by the entire supposed enemies forces.

Israeli commanders believe that if the war breaks out on the northern or southern front, thousands of rockets will be fired daily at Israel. Israeli military estimates indicate that the defense system, such as the Iron Dome and Arrow etc..., may not be sufficient to provide a complete solution to the internal front.

Israeli Military analyst, Ron Ben Yishai, that «the assessment in the Israeli security establishment shows that, the Iranians with their partners in Gaza, Hezbollah and Syria, can cause losses and damages to the internal front and the military in Israel larger than they could have caused before the past years.

Fourthly, the political differences between the Israeli parties, which are deepening day by day, in light of multiple corruption cases that hit many leadership figures in Israel, even the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the political decisions taken by the Israeli leadership recently.

The Israeli Labor Party accused on Wednesday, and bare Netanyahu the responsibility for the escalation in Gaza.

Even security and military leaders complain about the mysterious political direction of the leadership in all wars, with the lack of clear political objectives and the lack of clarity on military objectives, which prolonged the war to no avail and thus increase the size of attrition that doesn’t fit the mechanism on which it works in terms of Israel prospective in its wars so that it bill cannot be afforded.

On final aspect that reveals the weakness of the Israeli army, including issues related to racism, economic, social and even moral problems among many young Israelis who are turning their faith for not to serve in the army.

Besides suicide and homosexuality, whose rates have risen significantly among Israeli army personnel, and last year recorded the highest rate of suicide among conscripts, where 16 soldiers committed suicide during their work in the military bases from various arms in the army.

As for the Sexual abnormality, the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported that the Israeli army ranked ninth in the world among the world's most common armies of homosexuality and gay marriage.

With some Israeli skeptical start to wonder especially after several recent events, saying: „Imagine how the IDF will be in any future war“.


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