Afghanistan ... the longest US war after the hell of Vietnam ... Where did the reconstruction funds go?

After more than a decade of the US presence in Afghanistan, after the 9/11 incidents, which was the justification behind the US military intervention in Afghanistan under the banner of the «Crusade», as it described by former US President George W. Bush, as the war on terror of Islamic extremism represented by Al Qaeda led by Osama bin Laden's, who was killed by a Hollywood style US forces special operation in the Pakistani city of Abbotabad, and then dumped his body into the sea without showing it to the media.

The organization of Al Qaeda is still on the ground in Afghanistan, with the presence of the Taliban organization that ruled Afghanistan before the US intervention in 2001.

What is called the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, the major banner of the insurgency against the US-NATO and Afghan government on the ground with emerge of ISIS as well.

The US war in Afghanistan remained a symbol of the United States' campaign against global terrorism, but in return it had substantial physical and moral costs for the United States, where there are no fixed or accurate figures hiding the terrible spending.

The US Defense Department said the cost of the US war in Afghanistan cost US taxpayers $ 45 billion a year.

«That amount includes $ 5 billion for Afghan forces and $ 13 billion for US forces inside Afghanistan», according to the top US defense official in Asia, Randall Schriver.

«Much of the remaining amount goes to logistics costs, and $ 780 million goes to development aid in Afghanistan».

Members of the Senate, skeptical of the possibility of the United States winning the war, have questioned administration officials about the war, which is the longest in Washington's wars history records.

According to the advertiser, the annual cost of the war in Afghanistan between 2010 and 2012 when there were 100 thousand US troops in the country has exceeded 100 billion dollars.

Thus, with a simple calculation of an average rate over the years of the war in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2017 without entering in 2018, the average and simple calculation are as follows:

If the average annual cost is calculated, it will be between $ 480 billion and $ 550 billion, more than half a trillion dollars.

That figure is, of course, an average, and the figure is much higher, especially in the first three years of the war.

In addition, the costs incurred by the NATO countries, which the United States has invoked as usual, when the United States is in trouble, so that the NATO countries (the EU countries in practice with Britain) have their share of the costs of the war and all the taxpayers in those countries.

I’m more than honored to present those figures to the American and European people, who’ll have the courage one day to hold their governments accountable.

The problem with the US intervention in Afghanistan, after nearly 17 years, the longest war the United States has ever fought, even longer than the Vietnam War.

The US-led war in Afghanistan and Pakistan has killed 150,000 civilians and soldiers and is on its way to escalate, according to US reports.

According to a survey conducted by the American Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University, the US war since 2001 has killed nearly 150,000 civilians and soldiers and wounded 162,000 since the US intervention in Afghanistan following the 11 attacks in September 2001.

There is no exact number of American troops killed, although there are many studies and statistics, but the real number of dead US troops remains unknown, and I say «Men in US Uniforms».

Why did I call them «Men in US Uniforms»?

The fact that the US government is not talking about it, which is the same as the American intervention in Iraq, was not all of the American troops who were American citizens.

The US government has relied on the recruitment of many immigrants to the United States from Latin America (illegal immigrants) by offering what can be described as threat and motivation, «If you volunteer in the US military, in Afghanistan and Iraq, we’ll later offer you residence documents and you will enjoy government sponsorship to be Americans.

And that of course in the case that they return alive!

With most of them practically young perhaps with lack of combat experience and training, that subjects a mass number of these troops to being killed in battles.

And here we discover the game, many of them killed during the years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t count their numbers among the dead American forces of American citizens, for the simple reason that there are no records of them as citizens, and their numbers and names can be easily hidden without being announced, not to mention that no one there to follow them nor ask about them.

Thus Mexican/Hispanic illegal immigrants got killed in Afghanistan and Iraq and their numbers are not counted among the dead US military.

In addition to thousands of wounded and permanently injured, paralyzed, so it may prevent them from practicing their natural lives in addition to the need for programs and expenses of care and treatment to them, in addition to thousands of people suffering from permanent psychological crises as a result of the horrors they saw during the war.

The talk goes on for those tragedies, but I’ll suffice with what I have given, hoping that somebody at „Uncle Sam“ country realizes the magnitude of the disaster the United States is experiencing.

All that is mentioned is nothing in front of the existence of real corruption issues between the leaders and members of US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The thefts of Iraqi money and gold by the Americans in Iraq, which only revealed a very small part of it.

Corruption and theft have robbed US aid funds it selves.

Anyone who wants to discover more can follow the website, the official website of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

The US military has asked the Special Inspector-General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, John F. Subko, to limit previously available data on one of the largest periodic reports on the state of war and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan.

For the first time, the Pentagon asked the Office of the Special Inspector-General for Afghanistan reconstruction operations not to disclose information on the number of Taliban-controlled areas in Afghanistan, according to the report.

The number of Afghan areas controlled by the Afghan government and the Taliban, or disputed by the two sides, was one of the last indicators available to the public to understand how the 17 years US effort to secure Afghanistan has worked, the office said.

In its quarterly report last October, the office said the Taliban now control or affect about 13.5 percent of the country, while the government controls 56.5 percent.

The report said that 30 percent of the country still suffers from conflict.

The Pentagon also asked the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction for the first time since 2009 to classify data on troop strength and the rate of decline of Afghan security forces, the office said in its report.

What it seems to be that the problems that been created during George W. Bush, continued to escalate during the two terms of Obama without moving a finger to fix this mess.

It’s continued to Trump’s administration and keep on.

Thus, the SIGAR was prevented for the second consecutive quarter from disclosing information about casualties between the Afghan police and army.

The Taliban and the Islamic State (ISIS) have significantly increased the pressure they impose on the Afghan security forces, over the past three years.

Attacks on security centers and bases in the country.

These American projects and the huge spending and beyond the scope of doubt the largest corruption and theft case ever.

The so-called Afghanistan Reconstruction and Stabilization Task Force between 2010 and 2014 spent nearly $ 755 million on projects announced under the Afghanistan Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project.

Nearly 670 million of which have been spent on official payrolls, while the actual disbursement has not exceeded $ 300 million!

Where the rest of the money goes?

It’s clear that the intensity of the violence in Afghanistan increases with the return of the strength of both Al Qaeda and the Taliban with the emergence of the Islamic State Organization also in the theater of operations, the increasing number of deaths in both the security forces and the Afghan army, of course without forgetting the deaths of US and NATO forces.

Western media, the US specifically forgot about the war in Afghanistan, to know whether it was deliberately or as a result of the blackout imposed on the reality of the disastrous situation there.

I’m ending this article with a story obtained by an American officer in the US military working in Afghanistan.

He also served in Iraq for several years and was then returned to Afghanistan.

He spent nearly 23 years in service the majority between Iraq and Afghanistan in 2000 till 2017.

The American officer told me about the extent of the disaster, as a result of the US official's low interest in US soldiers and officers, prompting many of them to look for material resources, which explains the disappearance of millions of dollars in reconstruction projects in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The United States has allocated more than $ 60 billion to rebuild Iraq after the US intervention in 2003, but the results were far below that.

The war in Iraq cost the last decade more than $ 800 billion!

Where did all that money go?

The American officer says that, many US officers and soldiers stole money in Iraq and Afghanistan, hoping to use it to improve their financial and family conditions when they returned to civilian life one day, knowing that the US government couldn’t provide any support or secure decent opportunities for them after service due to economic conditions and other reasons related to the System itself that is related to pentagon budget for social & medical care programs for war veterans.

Some of them say literary, and I quote that „the government don’t give a fuck about us and our families, and it is on us just like the case on the battle field far away from home, we must take matters on our own hands“ quote ends.

So reconstruction funds go mostly into pockets of US military commanders, officers, and personnel, under the Pentagon's flag, perhaps because it has become an organized robbery by everyone.

My last question to American «fine» taxpayers, as what George W. Bush used to call them, would you like to know where your money goes and what for your sons/daughters and husbands/wives return in coffin or without some part of their body?

The answer is simple Ask your government!

Note: in addition the this article Syrializm posting the letter of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to the American people dated 18/02/2018


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