A meesage of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to the American people (1)

To the American people, officials of free and non-governmental organizations and to members of Congress who want peace!

We hope that you will read this message carefully and look into the facts of the future of the American forces and your interests and your losses!

O American people!

You know that your political leaders invaded our country militarily 17 years ago, In order to justify this brutal occupation, which violates all the legitimate and national laws of our independent country, and also violates all international decisions, your officials prominently displayed these three points as legal justifications:

1. Establishing security in Afghanistan and defeating so-called terrorists.
2. Law enforcement by creating a national government.
3. Drug control.

But let us look at how far your warlords have managed to carry out these three slogans in their illegal war.

Deterioration of the security situation and increasing wars:
When your former President George W. Bush gave orders to invade Afghanistan in 2001, he justified the occupation of Afghanistan by the presence of the Taliban (the Islamic Emirate) and Al Qaeda there and they must be destroyed.

But after the brutal war of more than 17 years, after America suffered heavy material and human losses, and to perpetuate this long illegal war, your current President Donald Trump acknowledged the worsening security situation in Afghanistan and that other groups were established with the Islamic Emirate (The Taliban).

Trump's claim and recognition came during the declaration of its war strategy on Afghanistan and South Asia in the 23 of last August, and after 17 years again ordered the perpetuation of the occupation and the unlawful war against the Afghan people, and as your officials recognize the existence of several military organizations in Afghanistan, that the Americans through their brutal occupation and the destruction of the strong and unified Taliban government only want to create a climate of chaos in the region.

No matter what your officials — those who are not concerned with your interests — tried to justify the Afghanistan war and call it by various names, the hard truth is that your army killed tens of thousands of defenseless Afghans, including women and children, wounded hundreds of thousands of people and wounded thousands of young people in Guantanamo, Bagram and other public and secret prisons where they Their right to be ashamed of humanity, and in no way consistent with the claims of American upbringing and urbanization.

In this unequal war, with the official recognition of your military officials, 3546 American and foreign soldiers were killed, more than 20000 American soldiers were wounded, and tens of thousands more were injured by psychological disorders and neurological problems.

In fact, your losses are more than what has been declared, but are hidden by your officials, and trillions of dollars have been wasted for your country in this war, so this is the longest, bloodiest, and most dangerous war for the economic back of your country.

Lawlessness and the most corrupt system in the world:

Although the issue of laws in other countries and the establishment of regimes is not the function of America, but the second pretext for George W. Bush to occupy Afghanistan at the time was to find a government that is legally legal, and in this aspect after 16 years of the American war, Thousands of American soldiers and after the waste of billions of dollars; a system was established in Afghanistan in the areas of administrative, legal, military and political as follows:

— Obtained the first place in administrative and financial corruption in the world.

— Received the first place in the world in violation of human rights.

— The list of raison d'être regulations is issued in the seizure of land and the looting and looting of international aid.

— Obtained the first place among the most violent systems with women… etc.

And the latest feature of the system of corruption existing as a result of the US occupation is that the two-headed system, which is unparalleled in the world according to the declared laws to form a government.

Prosperity of cultivation and production of drugs:

George W. Bush's third excuse for occupying Afghanistan was to combat the cultivation and production of narcotics.

Let's look at the scale of drug production in Afghanistan after 17 years of war.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), before the US occupation of Afghanistan, poppy cultivation was only 185 hectares, also in areas under the control of the Taliban.

The average number of Afghan people addicted to heroin was zero, In Afghanistan, poppy cultivation increased from 185 hectares to 328000 hectares, and the number of drug addicts in Afghanistan during 17 years of occupation reached 3 million.

On December 21, 2017, the United Nations Anti-Drug Organization published a report announcing an increase of 87% in drug production and 63% in poppy cultivation in 2017.

The total production of narcotic drugs was 9000 tons.
O American people!

What do you call the civilization and civilization, since the current government that attacked the Afghans is your own, and we leave you to judge also.

Do your conscience consider the existence of such corrupt regime and the associated changes as insecurity, violation of laws and 87% increase in the production of drugs and other crimes and violations Do you consider them reforms or crimes against humanity?

Your government officials are calling for tens of billions of dollars in reconstruction projects in Afghanistan.

Of course, these huge sums are from the tax money that is taken from you and ends here in pockets of thieves and murderers.

Are you satisfied with the disbursement of your hard earned money to a corrupt system in which government spoiler’s loot and steal $ 900 million from Kabul Bank in one crime?

Is the implementation of the law in your American culture and your dictionary to be the first assistant to the head of the regime, who, after being involved in hundreds of crimes, sexually assaulted a 70-year-old elder?

Is this civilization, civilization and law that you claim to lead in the world?

Did you kill 3546 of your soldiers in Afghanistan for the arbitration of such a system?

Do people of experience, science and analysts who are fair to your people have the ability to answer these questions?

You must know that our people see with their own eyes all these calamities and pests and watch them closely, so do not look at the existing regime under your military support and the corrupt thieves assembled in it as a legitimate government, but the people consider this government a gang of thieves and thieves, Drug dealing with this gang and its resistance is a legitimate, moral and national duty.

The elements who stand with you in establishing this regime are in the eyes of the Afghans traitors to their people and their national interests.

In contrast, those who carry out the armed resistance against your corrupt regime are the defenders of their country, their national interests and the heroes for the independence of their land and the restoration of freedom and independence.

Afghan media, and the American media reports of rumors about the Afghan resistance that the fighters are not Afghans, but terrorists who came from abroad are hollow rumors, unhealthy and illogical, publish them in order to cover up their defeat.

To refute these rumors, Foreign data chance of success in Afghanistan's victory was certainly an ally of American invaders and their allies and they have political and economical support for such great power like the United States of America and military support from a strong organization like the North Atlantic political support (NATO).

O American people!

We want to shorten our message to you in this part as follows:

The Afghans who are fighting today against your soldiers and against any other occupier are fighting because they are entrusted with this law and morality.

They have a national responsibility to keep their country.

Whatever your forces are equipped and strong.

Even if supported by all the forces of evil and occupation, the Afghans will continue to resist and fulfill their legitimate and national duties.

This resistance is a sacred duty to defend their religion and their country, and they consider giving it up as abandoning their Islam and all their human values, and no Muslim fanatic will accept this humiliation and shame.

To be continued …


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