Romania Accuses The Saudi Ambassador Of Sexual Molestation And Murder Of A Local Female Secretary

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Lazăr Comănescu, the Romanian minister of foreign affairs has summoned the Saudi ambassador to Bucharest following accusation that Abdulrahman I.

Al Rassi has sexually abused and later murdered Ioana Veliscu, a 25-year-old Romanian medical student who worked in the Saudi embassy as a secretary.

“According to preliminary forensic reports, the victim had been sexually abused and later strangled with a belt.

Ioana’s body was found floating in a pond in the vicinity of Grozăvești Power Station, 24 miles south of Bucharest,” Mr. Comănescu told AFP.

The Romanian Authorities requested from the Saudi Officials to lift diplomatic immunity of the Saudi ambassador to trail him, but the Saudi respond came as they rejected the request, therefore the Romanian government gave the Saudi Arabia diplomatic delegation 48 hours to leave Romania.


Eventually to settle this case the Saudis as usual will offer money to settle this case & replace their ambassador.
that's it!!!
What do we expect from such people, our religion of Islam is so far away from their actions and the irony of this subject, when you see the image of the Saudi ambassador and behind him the Saudi flag which contains the Shahada (the testify of Islam)

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