Israel asks for UNDOF to redeploy at the Syrian Golan Heights

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Israel called the United Nations to restore the force of the international disengagement, «UNDOF» in the Golan Heights sites, which left due to the war in Syria.

According to the Israeli TV Channel 11 on Wednesday, Israel seeking from this request to restore the Syrian army forces control of areas near the common border and change the status quo.

The international forces «UNDOF» will return to Syria when security conditions allow.

The Israeli channel added that the site of the International Monitoring Force, dozens of meters from the border with Syria, but it refuses to send members despite promises to provide protection when necessary.

UNDOF will report next week to the UN Security Council on the deployment of its forces, most of whom are present in the Israeli entity, where they are working on reporting on the activities of IDF on the border with Syria on the occupied Golan Heights.

According to the Israeli channel, the UN force asked Israel and Syria to develop radar and other detection devices, to monitor any fire issued by the Syrian army, but the Syrian leadership in Damascus opposed this, according to channel.

It seems to be an Israeli recognition the fact of the return of the Syrian government to control the entire area soon.


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