Erdogan Opens fire on Macron

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Apparently, the recent French president statements didn’t have good receive in Turkey.

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan will announce the start of preparations for the expulsion of Kurdish militants from northern Syria.

Erdogan announced the start of preparations to expel the Kurdish militants from Ain Al Arab, Tall Abyad and Al Hasakah to the Iraqi-Syrian border, pointing to the readiness of his forces to enter Sinjar at any time.

«We have begun preparations for the cleansing of Ain Al Arab, Tal Avyad, Ras Al Ein and Al Hasakah toward the Iraqi-Syrian border from terrorism», Erdogan said on Friday.

«Sinjar is like Kandil for us, and this will continue to be cleared of the terrorist organizations, and for that we can go there by surprise», Erdogan said, adding that his troops would enter Sinjar at any time to clear it of Kurdish militants.

He stressed that Turkey has no intention to harm the elements of the allied countries in the region, but doesn’t allow Kurdish militants to roam freely there.

Commenting on France's invitation to mediate and dialogue between Kurdish militants and Turkey, he said that the French government's hosting of elements of the «Syrian Democratic Forces» is an outright hostility to Turkey.

He said: «Hosting a delegation of high-level terrorist operatives yesterday is an open hostility to Turkey.

Who are you to say the words of mediation between Turkey and the terrorist organization?

Any statement which includes words about mediation between Turkey and a body that exceeds the limits of the powers of the owner».

Erdogan said that «France had taken the wrong step with regard to Syria after French President Emmanuel Macron proposed to mediate dialogue».

«We are deeply saddened by the very wrong position that France has shown… we hope it will be the result of wrong considerations after Macron promised a Kurdish- In the stability of the north-eastern region of Syria».

«France doesn’t have the right to complain about the terrorist organizations and their actions after this position»…

Concluding that, «I hope that France will not ask for our help when it is full of terrorists fleeing Syria and Iraq».


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