Syrian-Qatari relations is getting back slowly

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Seven years of brutal war in Syria, thousands dead and missing millions are between displaced or fled the country that was facing am extensive distraction, with involvement of forces from everywhere including superpowers.

British journalist Robert Fisk, who covers developments in Syria from within the country, told The Independent that Damascus and Doha have taken first steps to rebuild relations between the two sides.

In a report published by the Independent on Thursday, Fisk said, that Syrian President Bashar Al Assad had held several days of closed-door meetings with some Syrian journalists and told them that relations had been resumed at a very low level between Syria and Qatar.

Fisk explained that the journalists who attended the meeting were prevented from disclosing this information through the media, but they discussed what Assad said in discussions between them, pointing out that more talk about starting bilateral contacts between the «two peoples» and not normalization of relations between the two countries.

However, the British journalist considered the development «an interesting story», which can lead to improvement, especially in light of the severe crisis in relations between Qatar on one hand and Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt on the other.

Qatar who played a major role in the war in Syria, by funding Syrian oppositions morally and financially, in order to overthrow the Syrian regime.

Qatar however is a great country because of its oil and gas, with its media machine of Al Jazeera network, which was an effective tool in the Syrian ware.

According to Fisk, Qatar suffers from its current isolation, which was imposed by its neighbors as result of the current crisis.

The KSA and the UAE, had the motive and the will to invade Qatar, this very small land in the Arabian Peninsula, at the same time, they are subjected to sharp insults by (US President) Donald Trump.

Qatar royal family can serve as emperors, but they have no empire.

If Qatar and Syria managed to bury the hatched, will be able to save Syria after the war, since Qatar had its huge wealth to rebuild Syria post war, the it’ll will have an ally that could five her more security and breathing place.

Fisk explained that Qatar would not be able to control Syria, but it could have «significant influence» in the country, stressing that this would give the Qatari leadership, knowing that Syria is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, a force that doesn’t even own by its rivals of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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