Is it going to be S-300 to Syria or No S-300?

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Russia is not planning to supply Syria with S-300 systems, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, adding that linking these remarks to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Moscow was not true.

Earlier, Vladimir Kozhin the aide to the Russian president told the Russian, Izvestia newspaper that, there were no negotiations on supplying Syria with S-300 air defense systems.

He pointed out that the Syrian armed forces have «everything necessary».

The Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visited Moscow on 9 May, he held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and discussed the situation in Syria, including Israeli air strikes, as well as the growing tension between Tel Aviv and Tehran.

Peskov stated that «I don’t want to comment of Kozhin’s statement, in fact, Kozhin is the person who supervises the activities of the Military-Technical Cooperation Committee, so I do not realize here what to comment on since everything had been said clearly».

Adding, «However, such exports and procedures are not usually being advertised, on the other hand, after the strikes, Russia has the right to do whatever it deems necessary».

Piskov pointed out that linking the statements of Kremlin representative to the recent visit of the Israeli Prime Minister to Moscow is incorrect, because the interview was conducted before the visit.


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