US Marines are at the Russian border!

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The Marines took part in a military exercise «Arrow 18» on the northern Russian border, for the first time, with the allies of Washington in Scandinavia, where the forces of the US. Marines of the fourth tank battalion, weapons and tanks from caves in Norway, adjacent to the border with Russia.

According to the Business Insider website, the exercises took place between 7th and 18th of May in southern Finland, which has long borders with Russia.

The exercise involved 150 armed vehicles and 300 other military vehicles, as well as 30 US. Marines in training, joined by thousands of soldiers from Norway and Finland.

The exercises are based on live fire ammunitions, and others training for Army combat capabilities, as well as helicopter maneuvering.

«The US. Marines took part in the exercises for the first time to strengthen joint action, strengthen allied countries, enhance military readiness, and strengthen relations», according to US. Marines’ spokesman.

The idea of stockpiling weapons and tanks by the US in the Norwegian caves during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union began to prepare for a military conflict.

Norwegian caves hide enough 4600 Marines to continuously fight for weeks.


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