Israeli Media: Israel "Accepted" Syrian government forces regain control of the Golan Heights borders under one condition …

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The Israeli channel 2 said, quoting a senior source that Israel «agreed» to the deployment of Syrian army forces on the border with the occupied Golan heights territories.

The source pointed out that the agreement was mediated by Russia.

According to the source, the agreements include, «the deployment of the Syrian army in positions along the border with Israel with Russian guarantees to not allowing any presence of Iranians and Hezbollah there», as the Israeli official put it.

The area close to the line of contact between Syria and the territories occupied by Israel will enter the zone of tension reduction established in 2017 by an agreement between Russia, the United States and Jordan.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that only the Syrian army should be on the southern borders of Syria.

Meanwhile, The Elaph, Arabic independent newspaper in London, claimed that secret negotiations between Israel and Iran took place in Amman, mediated by Jordan authorities.

These negotiations eventually led to an Iranian commitment not to participate in battles in southwestern Syria.

«At the end of last week, an Iranian ambassador to the kingdom of Jordan and a group of Iranian security personnel were present in one of the rooms in a Hotel at the Jordanian capital, with another room were Israeli security officials were, while a Jordanian mediator was traveling between the two rooms, as the source described.

The source said that the discussion between the two sides was about the Syrian situation and the upcoming battle southern Syria, specifically in the provinces of Daraa and Qunaitra, where it was agreed between the two sides that Iran and Hezbollah will not participate in these upcoming battles against the Syrian opposition and other armed factions there, The Syrian army will carries out this mission along with Russian support and the Jordanian forces will maintain their territory and prevent infiltration from the other side.

The newspaper said that the two sides exchanged letters in recent days through the Jordanian side on the situation in the south of Syria, where Israel warned Iran of the consequences of a major confrontation and comprehensive in the region if Iran entered its forces along side with Hezbollah to the south of Syria to participate in the fight there.

Jordan held the same message to the Syrian and Russian governments, according to the source involved in the indirect negotiations, who said that things went smoothly and quickly and that all parties agreed on the matter.

The source claimed that the Russian side, which was closely informed and close to the negotiations in Amman, provided assurances to Israelis and Jordanians not to participate Iran and Hezbollah in the upcoming battles in the south of Syria in the provinces of Daraa and Quneitra.

The source added that an agreement was reached in Amman on the mechanism of joint action among all in Syria, to prevent mistakes that could lead to the outbreak of fighting or confrontations between Jordan, Syria and Israel and the Russian side similar to the Russian-Israeli agreement on the Syrian airspace.


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