US state justice department allows the use of force to carry out a military aggression without reference to Congress

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Two members of the US Congress have rejected the authorization that been issued by the Justice Department, which allows the US President Donald Trump to launch air strikes without congressional approval.

According to the Washington Post, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine of state of Virginia described the States Justice department, statement as «delirium» and «nonsense», saying that through this «Authorization» the president can apply the concept of «national interests» at any time to explain the military aggression and therefore Congress and its role.

For his part, US House of Representatives Adam Schiff urged the Congress to provide a strong response to such measures because such an order allows the executive power to use military force on its own, which could lead to the outbreak of endless wars.

The US Department of Defense published a statement after a wave of criticism in Congress against Trump to launch an aggression with France and Britain against Syria last April and justified that what the US administration did not require the approval of Congress because it is related to «the national interests of America and aims To maintain the stability of the region and prevent a humanitarian disaster», as alleged.

On march last year, the United States launched cruise missile attack on a Syrian military airport as a respond on alleged chemical attack on Idlib town of Khan Sheikhoun, late on April 14th 2018, the United States, Britain and France launched attack on a number of sites in the vicinity of Damascus and Homs, with Syrian air defenses responding and managed to intercept the majority of the launched missiles.


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