The New York Times defends itself after smuggling secret ISIS documents from Iraq

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The American well known newspaper the New York Times collected over 15 thousand classified documents collected from more than 11 cities, revealing secret deals and dubious relations concluded by Arab countries, and smuggled them to the United States.

This act erupt a revolution of anger towards the famous US news paper.

Western and international media have accused the New York Times of stealing secret documents belongs to the «Islamic state» and transferred them to the newspaper's headquarters in the United States without the knowledge of the Iraqi authorities.

The newspapers noted that the New York Times had been hit by all moral and legal considerations by keeping such dangerous official documents out of the reach of law enforcement or intelligence agencies, which could benefit from those documents strongly in its fight against the organization.

The documents are left from the Islamic State, collected from 11 Iraqi cities at the time of the Iraqi forces' war against the terrorist organization, which the newspaper's correspondents gathered during their coverage of the battles.

The info revealed that a number of soldiers and commanders of Iraqi forces helped New York times correspondences to access those documents, which exceeds of 15 thousand documents, with other people helped them to get these documents out of Iraq.

It been also said that some of these documents show suspicious relations between Arab countries and the organization, and reveals secret deals concluded with the leaders of «ISIS».

They also pointed to the possibility of involvement of Iraqi elements in those relations, without revealing the identity of those countries or Iraqi personalities.

The newspaper defended itself, responding to various questions on how to obtain the documents and the content and the secret of smuggling outside Iraq, and the possibility of cooperation with Iraqi intelligence or the US in this regard.

The newspaper said: We had to smuggle those documents, after we noticed the possibility of losing during the exhibitions, and a large number of them to burn, to give people the opportunity to understand how lived organization calling from within, aware of our historical value.

«We were doing our work not far from the Iraqi forces, but they knew what to do and that we were looking inside for documents about a sympathetic organization, and we were traveling in the soldiers' buses».

«It was not the officers who helped us with low ranks, they were leaders, they realized the importance of what we were doing, and appointed soldiers and troops to accompany us and help us».

The newspaper pointed out that Iraqi forces helped the «New York Times» in its mission for two reasons: First, the forces did not allow us access to some sensitive documents, so that the military intelligence agents accompanied us, prevented us from accessing the disks on the computers, and they selected certain records that do not make us aware of them, so they burned some documents before we arrived, and documented it all.

Second, the Iraqi forces are frustrated that their allies have not realized the danger of the ISIS organization, and they hoped that these documents would demonstrate the seriousness of the long battle they are waging.

The newspaper pointed out that the US and Iraqi intelligence, tried to access a copy of those documents, but the management of the newspaper refused to inform them.

The newspaper did not explain the secret of its insistence not to inform the security agencies of those documents, and the secret to conceal the names of States and certain personalities were involved with the terrorist organization.

«We hold these documents in a safe and safe place, and we look forward to partnering with an organization to digitize them to make them fully available on the Internet.


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