Turkey: The Russian SU-57 is more advance and cheaper than US F-35

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The Turkish newspaper «Sabah» posted an article of its commentator Sharif Oguz, explaining that the Russian fighter of the fifth generation SU-57, surpasses all technical specifications and performance on the American rival F-35.

Oguz mentioned that Ankara was from the outset a partner in the project to produce the American fighter mentioned.

He added that in the recent period, and because of the «Paranoia» of America has become the subject of the supply of 100 fighters of this kind to Turkey is subject to controversy and friction and frequency.

He pointed out that the reluctance of the US side to provide Turkey with these fighter jets, in response to the decision of Ankara to buy advanced air defense systems, S-400.

Oguz continue criticizing the US Senate's decision to deny Turkey access to these fighters because of Ankara's acquisition of Russian S-400 systems.

«We respond by saying that the F-35 is not the only «Bird» in the market and we can fly on board the SU-57 so that we can produce our own fighters».

He said that, Washington under various pretexts, refused to sell military drones and Patriot systems to Turkey, prompting the latter to find the alternative.

He said that the Russian fighter compared with the American, looks 1.5 times more effective and 1.5 times cheaper.

Concluding nothing can be perfect than operating an well advanced SU-57 along with an advanced anti air defense System, the S-400.


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