Israel: We’re not ready to handle the consequences of any future war

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As preparations continues of Israel’s future war, it revealed that any future Israeli war that could erupt between the Jewish state and what it called «Israel hostile neighbors», with the increasing information that has emerged to the public about the existence of real problems and crises threatening catastrophic consequences for the State of Israel at the outbreak of any future war.

A confidential report prepared by the internal observer in the Israeli Ministry of Security revealed the existence of a major failure and more failures in the management and coordination between the air force in the IDF and between the armored and ground forces during the outbreak of a military confrontation.

The report also revealed a major failure in the management of fire stations and their readiness,

Last Friday evening, the Israeli television channel «Kan» published an exclusive report on the secret report.

The correspondent of the military affairs, Carmela Menashe, which revealed the report, that the observer suffers in his report other failures related to the rehabilitation of office holders in the centers of activation of fire, in addition to a significant shortage of manpower, which adversely affect the readiness of the Israeli army in terms of services Of the next battle, as confirmed in her report, which concluded by quoting a former army general who said that he does not sleep the night of the severity of his concern and apprehension of the readiness and readiness of the army for the next war.

In a related context, «I came out of a conference this week that was filled with serious concerns about the readiness of the Israeli army for the next war, or more correctly about its fighting spirit and collective spirit, and I hope that the weaknesses will be fixed, in time, before the outbreak of military confrontation ahead of us», said David Feinberg, the vice president of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies.

Gen. Yair Golan, former deputy chief of staff, and General Ya'acov Amidror, former adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on national security, told the forum held by the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies that the IDF is conducting intensive training for its fighters on the front line in preparation for a decisive ground attack against the enemies of Israel, while Golan explained that no air force can achieve victory in the coming battles, or prevent the firing of rockets by the enemies of Israel, and will be obliged to launch ground attacks with large forces and very quickly A decent, as he put it.

The IDF and the air force are better equipped today than ever before, with tactical communications systems, accurate field intelligence, excellent cyber-capabilities, robotic weapons, as well as the world's leading aviation systems (F-35 jets and aircraft) Unmanned drones) and multiple naval systems (submarines and others).

Amidror, who is now a senior research fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies, believes that Israel now has many capabilities: a strong economy, strong industries, an army, citizens with motivation, and an internal psychological front.

A powerful force capable of defeating any one of the Islamic forces surrounding us.

Feinberg stressed that here is the beginning of fears of leakage, wondering: Is the leadership of the State of Israel to strengthen the home front and provide the psychological immunity necessary to withstand the coming confrontations?

Is the fighting spirit of the Israeli army really what it should be? Not quite, according to other experts I heard.

Uzi Rubin, founder of the Department of Homeland Security at the Ministry of Defense for the Protection of Missiles (which developed the «Hets» Arrow missile), warned that Iran's strategy is to launch a long-term war of attrition against Israel, a series of «Causing damage to the Israeli economy and making life unbearable.

He pointed out that without significant investments in the defense of national infrastructure facilities and their ability to withstand, which is insufficient in Rubin's opinion, there is fear as he says the collapse of the Israeli national immunity, which will lead to the migration of citizens of Israel, he said.

Weinberg pointed out in the context of his review of the conference that the most disturbing concern was the support of General Gershon Hacohen, commander of the Northern Brigade and former military colleges, who emphasized that the Israeli army was abandoning and abandoning the areas of the parties in Israel.

Hacohen is currently managing assessments for the General Staff Command, as part of the Army's intensive war simulation exercises in the north of the country a few months ago, the largest exercise to date.

He says that the exercises included the evacuation of tens of thousands of citizens (and in the event of a similar scenario in the south, the same measures will be taken for citizens in the area around the Gaza Strip).

Hacohen described this as folly, pointing out that it is not only because it will not be practical and feasible during the war, but also because it represents a complete and final abandonment of Zionist values.

»Why is the Israeli army planning such evacuations"? Hacohen asked.

Where did the advantages of determination, determination and willingness to face difficulties disappear?

Why does not the leadership of the state and the army require citizens living in remote areas to bend down while the storm passes or, better yet, arm themselves and engage in the war effort ?, he said.

It was obvious at multiple occasions, that the Israeli authorities exercises situations and hold training to show the readiness of the Israeli society to handle any future war, with preparation of fast settlements evacuation, troops teleporting to fronts, fire fighting and emergency training, preparation of shelters and civilian bunkers, knowing the fact that in any future war the state of Israel will be facing more than ten thousands missiles will be launched against Israel on daily basis.

With results showing a catastrophic situation with big losses, that the Jewish state will suffer in any future war in the light of weakness of readiness and poor coordination in various quarters within the state, with an increasing number of military service refusal and Israeli youth leaving, looking for better work and more peaceful areas in Europe and the United States and other country around the world, beside an increasing number of suicides and sexual harassment cases within IDF.


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